Google Glass

Emergency Medical Services

An innovation project by
University of Copenhagen, Falck Group and The Capital Region of Denmark.

The Challenge

As part of our Master Thesis project we wanted to find out if Google Glass could solve some of the challenges paramedics face in their daily work.

We designed, developed and tested various solutions for hands-free information such as medical data, work guidelines as well as video conferencing with specialists off-location.

Google Glass

The process

  • Field studies and analysis

    We rode along for a full work week in an ambulance which gave us insights into what being a paramedic is all about.

    Most importantly we found out that paramedics often need free hands to treat the patient while having to acquire information from various sources. It all starts with learning!

  • Co-creation workshop

    Bringing ideas to life, shaping them and discussing pros and cons over and over.

    Things really started to happen when we gathered all the relevant stakeholders in the same room.

  • Sketching

    Drawing sketches played a central part in prioritizing content and playing with the possibilities of the limited display size.

    Never ignore the value of good old pencils and paper.

  • Prototyping

    Adding code to our sketches and bringing them to life.

    We coded various different prototypes while iteratively involving the paramedics in vital design decisions.

  • Testing

    Once developed, we put our prototypes to the test through bodystorming scenarios.

    Recucitation dolls received CPR, medicine barcodes got scanned and patient guidelines were consulted in chaotic surroundings with screaming bystanders.

The Solutions

The report

Go ahead!

Download our thesis.
But you've been warned.
It's long and it's in Danish.

The team

We are...


Kenny Luttinen Andreasen


Mathias Nick Andersen